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Recyctec är ett innovationstekniskt återvinningsbolag som tagit fram en unik teknik som renar använd glykol så att den kan återanvändas. Denna unika teknik säkerställer att glykol renas till ursprungligt skick och kan användas med samma funktionalitet om och om igen.

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Vi har sedan 1 januari 2020 hjälpt våra kunder att reducera CO2-avtrycket med

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About Recyctec

Recyctec is a Swedish based, publicly listed clean-tec company specialized in recycling of glycol, both monoethyleneglycol and monopropyleneglycol.

We have developed our own unique method and process, that is operating on a full industrial scale. The operation is carried out in our own plant placed in Jönköping, where we also blend, formulate and pack our own products.

The process starts with collecting used glycol from different sources, and then through different steps in the process removing all contaminations, leaving purified glycol.

The great benefit by doing this is reducing fossil feedstock, since virgin glycol is produced from crude oil. Glycol is also very suitable for recycling, since the glycol molecule is not damaged during usage, so as long as contaminations are removed, it can be used over and over again.

For a short overview of Recyctec – please look at our company presentation.

Company presentation