For a cleaner world

Recyctec is a cleantech company that has developed a unique technology that restores used glycol so that it can be reused. This unique technology ensures that glycol is purified to its original condition and can be used with the same functionality over and over again.

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Since 1 January 2020, we have helped our customers reduce their CO2

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Our Values

We are Sustainable through:

  • That we care about our employees, which is our greatest asset.
  • That we value our assets, so that every resource is used in the best way possible.
  • That we see the whole perspective in all the things that we do.
  • That we help our customers save on earth's resources, and to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

And of course - we are real circular company on an industrial scale.

We are Collaborative through:

  • That we implement things as a team, where everyone's joint effort is crucial to the result.
  • That we respect each other and care about everyone's well-being and comfort.
  • That we believe that communication is a prerequisite for improvement.

And of course - we act in harmony with society, where our products are part of a natural cycle.

We are Innovative by:

  • That we try and learn from doing. We believe in the strength of doing things and in everyone's individual responsibility.
  • That we find smart solutions to complex problems. By understanding the core of the problem, we find well-adapted solutions.
  • That we think creatively. We are a company that does something that no one else has done before – which requires us to think thoughts no one has thought before.

And of course - we are a Swedish innovation-driven cleantec company at the forefront.