Glycol analysis

We can help you find out what type of glycol is in your system today through a glycol analysis.

Ethylene and propylene glycol are the most frequently used glycols on the market. Both lower the freezing point, raise the boiling point and act as emollients. However, they have some different characteristics, which means that glycol types should be handled separately all the way from use to recycling at Recyctec.

Different companies add different corrosion inhibitors, different dilutions and different color additives. Since there is no uniform color coding for glycol products within Real Estate and Vehicle Glycol, it is not possible to guarantee which glycol type you have by color.

Sampling routines

Female researcher uses pipette to move solution from one test tube to another in lab

Glycol Analysis

Test tubes with test tube racks


Glycol type and glycol concentration

Sample size 10 cl

Sample analysis available 5 days after received sample

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