We are an innovation driven technology company focused on recycling of glycol

Recyctec has developed a unique technology that can clean used glycol so that it can be reused. This unique technology ensures that glycol is purified to its original condition and can be used with the same functionality over and over again. By closing the cycle of the raw material glycol, Recyctec becomes pioneers in applying a circular economy in the field, which means a large contribution to sustainable environmental development and economy.

Geographically, Recyctec initially focuses on the Swedish market where they have a ready-made full-scale facility located in Jönköping that is operational today. In the future, Recyctec aims to expand to other countries, either by itself or through partners, with the goal of continuing to improve environmental development.

Recyctec's head office and treatment plant are located in Jönköping.

Closed cycle and circular economy

Business Model

Recyctec's business concept is to efficiently and with a unique and environmentally friendly method refine used glycol to become an industrial product again.


The goal is to build a strong eco-labelled brand around Recyctec as the world leader in glycol treatment and sales of the environmentally friendly glycol, EarthCare Glycol. In the long term, Recyctec also wants to establish industries and products internationally.


Recyctec's vision is to become a world leader that recycles glycol and contributes to sustainable environmental development in the world by closing the glycol cycle.

Circular loop

Recyctec's activities contribute to closure of the cycle of raw material glycol and form an eternal loop, which means that the glycol used can be purified over and over again. The more glycol that the Company can purify for reuse, the less ash ultimately needs to be deposited after combustion. Recyctec thus helps to reduce waste and, as reuse increases, imports of glycol can also decrease. Recyctec's operations help other companies lift their hazardous waste, use Glycol, two steps up in the waste hierarchy.

Recyctec's operations thus become a circular economy that is one of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's main environmental goals. See the following definition of circular economy from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency: "A circular economy is based on circularity systems and means that the added value of products is preserved for as long as possible and waste is eliminated. This means that a product that has reached the end of its life cycle continues to be utilized in new production and thus creates additional value."

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