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Recyctec is a cleantech company that has developed a unique technology that restores used glycol so that it can be reused. This unique technology ensures that glycol is purified to its original condition and can be used with the same functionality over and over again.

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Since 1 January 2020, we have helped our customers reduce their CO2

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EarthCare Glycol M

Marine glycol

EarthCare Glycol M is a recycled ethylene glycol for all year-round marine usage or for winter preservation. EarthCare Glycol M provides freeze protection and excellent corrosion protection. M is available as both concentrate and pre-formulated products, which has been diluted with deionized water to the concentration of 50% glycol. Concentrated M contains 92% glycol and corrosion inhibitors. Added corrosion inhibitors are nitrite, amine, phosphate, borax and silicate-free. EarthCare Glycol M is available in 25L, Drums or IBCs.

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Packaging Concentrated Pre-mixed
25 L E99331 E50331
208 L E99231 E50231
1000 L E99131 E50131
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